Scaffolding Accessories

Never forget about safety

At Steel City Scaffold our goal and focus is to make your job easier. We strive to find creative solutions to satisfy the special needs of each and every project. If you need access to the roof, remove debris or re-shore the roof, we can help. Our experienced staff will evaluate your projects conditions and provide you with the best alternates to get the job done right!

Steel City Scaffold specializes in the erection and dismantling of high quality scaffold services:

  • 36″ Egress Stair Towers
  • 5’x 7′ Stair Towers
  • Plastic & Plywood Trash Chutes
  • Re-Shoring
  • Pedestrian Canopies
  • Rolling Towers
  • Demo Screening & Poly Containment

Every scaffold service we provide is set to meet or exceed all Cal-OSHA requirements. Our teams experience allows us to handle the jobs unique situations in a safe and code comply manner.